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Post your Dean songs! No matter what shape they're in, from written on scrap paper or yodeled in the bath tub, to sung by Deaniacs on a street corner, to live performances, or studio recordings, as long as they say great things about Howard Dean, Songs For Dean wants folks to get to hear and sing them!

You can post your song's audio and/or lyrics Need to get your voice into a file? We can help. Just email us. Voice quality is not important. Getting out the message is.

We will have self-posting ability in the future but for now just email us your Dean song. The audio can be mp3, wav or mov files or you can send us a link to your song's audio or lyrics if it is already posted elsewhere. Please include the title, author, comments, and any contact and copyright information that you might want posted including a web site or email address.

In order to offer folks with dial-up internet connections a chance to hear the songs without a long download time, we will also post a version of your song's audio that is converted to RealAudio, even though the quality isn't as good as mp3.

Also, besides people downloading songs for personal listening and singing, we encourage Dean supporters to make use of the songs at Dean events. People have had great sing alongs at house parties. At meetups, folks have enjoyed the spirit and variety of the Dean songs. And the songs have added some fun, upbeat and inspirational energy to tabling and leafleting.

In order to respect people's copyright, if we recognize a song as someone else's work, we will require permission from the copyright holder before posting it. Also, we will remove any material which a copyright holder requests us to remove.

So, with these in mind, please indicate that you give us permission to post and use your song by including the following text in your email:

The song(s) that I'm sending in this email was created by me and I give you permission to convert the audio (if any) to other formats and post it in any format on the SongsForDean.com website, and I give my permission for anyone to download, play and perform this song(s) for personal use and in any way that might help in the Howard Dean election campaign, including downloading onto tapes or CD's to play at Dean events and printing out lyrics for group sing alongs.

Email us if you have any questions and thanks for being a part of the Howard Dean song sensation.

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Governor Dean playing the blues at 'Blues on Grand' in Des Moines, Iowa, 8/14. Photo by Carol Rieger.
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