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We Will Survive

by Dina Lydia Johnson, Seattle WA

To the tune of "I Will Survive":

At first we were afraid
We were petrified
We had a leader who is stupid
And has thieved and lied
We spent oh so many months
Just thinking how he did us wrong
And we've grown strong
'Cause Howard Dean came along!
And now we're back!
We're in the race!
We'll leave George Dubya in the dust
And wipe the smirk right off his face!
We will unite to lock him out
And then we'll throw away the key
We'll take the White House and the country back
For you, and you, and me!

Go on, now, go!
Walk out the door!
Give it up, George Bush
You're not wanted any more!
Aren't you the one
Who betrayed the public trust
Did you think we'd cave in?
Did you think we wouldn't make a fuss?
Oh no, not us
We will survive
As long as we have Howard Dean
Democracy will thrive
We've got all our people here
We'll get our power back this year
We will survive
We feel alive!

It took a man named Howard Dean
To make us realize
We have more power than we thought
If we just organize
We've spent oh so many thousand hours
Planning to unite
And it's all right
Cause now we're ready for the fight!
And we'll elect
Somebody new
We've got Dr. Howard Dean
To pledge our votes to
So start packing, Bush and Cheney
Better take an ice cold shower
Cause we're voting now for Howard Dean
We people have the power!

Yeah, yeah..
We will survive.

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Governor Dean playing the blues at 'Blues on Grand' in Des Moines, Iowa, 8/14. Photo by Carol Rieger.
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