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By Dave Rackmales

Sung to the tune of Carey by Joni Mitchell


The wind is in from Burlington,
last night I couldn't sleep
Oh it sure is hard to believe you Kerry,
after you voted for the War.

Our soldiers are feeling weary,
from catching mortars at their feet...
and they miss their wives and children
and wonder what their fighting for...

Kerry where's your campaign,
don't waste all your wife's silver
Dean's going to lead us on,
but we'll still like you

Your fortune may keep your hope's up,
'cause it'll buy you some TV time.
But it's a laugh to think there's something
that's going to bring the Dean Team down.

So buy an ad saying your a war vet,
an ad saying you'll fight crime.
Why don't you buy an ad with some fresh ideas,
like those of Carol Mosely Braun.


The Dean Team's in Albequerqe;
the Dean Team's in Portland, Maine.
And we're strong in Massachusetts;
oh sorry, isn't that your home.

The power's from the farms and from the cities,
from boulevards and quiet lanes.
We're talking 'bout another Revolution,
from mountaintop to ocean foam


The wind is in from Burlington,
last night I couldn't sleep
Come help us take our country back, Kerry
remember, we're on the same side

You know it's been far too long a time,
that it's been quiet in the streets.
The swell's gonna carry us to a New Day
just like boats on a rising tide


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Governor Dean playing the blues at 'Blues on Grand' in Des Moines, Iowa, 8/14. Photo by Carol Rieger.
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