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To see video of "The Howard Dean Scream" in Diane Sawyer interview!

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"The Howard Dean Scream" from multiple views

GO DEAN - listen          (for the Howard Dean Scream song)

by Denny Zartman

This is a rap about Howard Dean
and, whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or Green
We've all got a brand new, independent spirit
Can y'all hear it? Now let me hear you cheer it

Dean is the man, he's got a proven plan
When the others say you can't, he's sayin' that you can
Bush is ill! Like Puxatawney Phil!
When he casts his shadow, you will chill

I don't wanna vent and ask where the surplus went
like I don't about the yellow when I use my Pepsodent
I just wanna work to get my man Howard Dean elected
and I mean for real, instead of selected

Dean's balanced budgets and he's cut taxes
don't get mad at me, I'm just sayin' what the facts is

Stop - and - stare! Say "Hey, lookie there!"
It's a Doctor! "Where?!" And he knows health care!
and a Governor who's been elected five straight times
(and that's a record like my record is filled with def rhymes)

P to the O to the - double L
put 'em all together and what does that spell?
Doom for Bush, as his numbers fell
And boom for Dean, when Howard gives 'em hell

Word to your mothers, your fathers
your sisters, your brothers
your aunts, your uncles
your sons, your daughters

Go Dean!

Let me hear ya all say "Ho!!!"


Say "HoHo!"


Say "PePoHoHo!"


Now scream!


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Governor Dean playing the blues at 'Blues on Grand' in Des Moines, Iowa, 8/14. Photo by Carol Rieger.
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