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Songs For Dean helps promote, celebrate, and spread the word about Howard Dean’s election by making it easy to share Dean songs. People can post the Dean songs they create, as well as download and play other people's Dean songs.

Come join us as America sings as one… to the tune of Howard Dean!

Since the 1800s political candidates have been celebrated, promoted, and elected with catchy popular songs of the day. Though it's been a while since we heard "Row, Row, Row With Roosevelt", the future looks bright with "Dean For America". So post or download your favorite Howard Dean election song and join the growing Sing-Along For Dean!

Song List

Listen to or download the following songs and feel free to make a CD or tape to play at your next Dean event. Play them at tabling, leafleting, meetups, visibilities, and any other Dean events to create a fun, exciting, attention-getting atmosphere that spreads the word about Dean. Or download any of the lyrics sheets and start a Dean Sing-Along!  Please create and make available a song list to go with your CDs or tapes that credit the artists for their work. Of course, making of CDs or tapes for commercial use is prohibited. The Real versions of these songs are lower quality, but are good for dial-up connections.

Real mp3   All (audio) Songs in the Song List. Lyrics-only songs below. Other Dean songs on our Links page.
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New! We All Have The Power Song & Slideshow by James Ahrend. WeAllHaveThePower.com

Real mp3 lyrics

New! Stand Up and Be Counted lyrics by Desmond O'Keeffe. Speeches by Howard Dean.

Real mp3 lyrics

Dean For America words and music by Michael "Hawkeye" Herman www.HawkeyeHerman.com ©2003 Michael Herman/Topaz Productions. Performed by Hawkeye Herman with Howard Dean (call and response 12 bar jump blues song). See Des Moines Register article.

Real mp3 lyrics The Doctor is In words and music by Dan Tyler www.howarddeansong.com
Real mp3 lyrics New! Howard Dean Scream by Judith da Silva
Real mp3 lyrics

New! Scream Like Howard Dean by Walter Spencer dreamangus.com & RJ Robinson ProjectDeanlight.com

Real mp3 lyrics

The Bush Spin lyrics by Judith C McAleer www.cdbaby.com/jcmcaleer
Vocals: Joe Roundtree

Real mp3 lyrics

Dean 4 Prez words and music by Pi ThatCrazyChick music

Real mp3 lyrics

We Want Howard Dean music and lyrics by Denny Zartman

Real mp3 lyrics The Doctor Is In by James L Horwitz, MD
Real mp3 lyrics Sleepless Summer words and music by Marc Montefusco Guitars and vocals: M. Montefusco, Drums courtesy of Doggiebox. ©2003 by Marc Montefusco
Real mp3 lyrics

New! Let's Take Our Country Back written by Carol Abair vocal by Rebecca Padula

Real mp3 lyrics

GO DEAN words and music by Denny Zartman

Real mp3 lyrics

New! Is There A Doctor In The House words & music by Jon West

Real mp3 lyrics Song for America by Bryan Hitchcock www.weregamers.com/peace ©2003 by Bryan Hitchcock
Real mp3 lyrics Dean, Dean, Dean For Democracy words and music by Judith da Silva Piano and Vocals: Judith da Silva. (version 2)
Real mp3 lyrics

I Want My Country Back by Brian Dalton ventura.fordean.org

Real mp3 lyrics

Howard Dean Rap music by Noah D. Rapped by Justin O. Lyrics are a slightly altered version of Denny Zartman's Go Dean, above.

Real mp3 lyrics

People Powered Howard words and music by Marcus Ehrlander www.geocities.com/shloopfrig/

Real mp3 lyrics DC Blues by David B. Donlon Guitars by Frank Pierce
Real mp3 lyrics I Want My Country Back by Laramie Crocker Performers: Guitars, Vocals: Laramie Crocker; Bass, Drums: David B. Donlon.
Real mp3 lyrics New! I Want My Country Back (new release) by Laramie Crocker with Scott Amendola on drums
    lyrics New! Let's Do It by Dina in Seattle - to the tune of Birds Do It, Bees Do It
    lyrics New! My Dean by Dina in Seattle - to the tune of My Guy
    lyrics Doctor Howard Dean by Justin Paglino - to the tune of Eating Goober Peas
    lyrics HELLO, HOWIE lyrics by Paul Whetstone - to the tune of Hello, Dolly by Jerry Herman
    lyrics Kerry by Dave Rackmales - to the tune of Carey by Joni Mitchell
    lyrics Let’s Take Back America by Carlton Schreiner 2003 Portland, Oregon
    lyrics We Will Survive by Dina Lydia Johnson Seattle WA - to the tune of I Will Survive
    lyrics Battle Hymn of the Blog by Oscar In Louisville
    lyrics Howard Dean by Justin Paglino - to the tune of All of Me
    lyrics Say Goodbye Bushie by Justin Paglino - to the tune of Rockabye Baby
    lyrics Dean’s the One by Michael Taub - to the tune of The Preacher and the Slave or
Pie in the Sky
by Joe Hill
    lyrics People First by Missy Taylor - to the tune of And Those Caissons Go Rolling Along
    lyrics Stand Up For Dean by Missy Taylor - to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game
    lyrics Subway Serenades For Dean - 8 songs by David Teller. www.tellercreations.com/fsm
    lyrics The Twelve Days of Howard Lyrics by Speedbump - to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas
    lyrics Something to See words by Laura Reznick sung to Little Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp
    lyrics DEAN'S THE ONE!! by Teri Mills from Tualatin, Oregon - to the tune of One from A Chorus Line
    lyrics Take Me Out to the Blog Game by Teri Mills and Green4Dean-to Take Me Out to the Ball Game
    lyrics With Dean We're Marching On by Marilyn Klein - to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic
    lyrics OVER THERE! by Marilyn Klein - to the tune of Over There
    lyrics People-Powered Howard by John Caughron - to the tune of The Yellow Rose of Texas
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In order to respect people's copyright, if we recognize a song as someone else's work, we will require permission from the copyright holder before posting it. Also, we will remove any material which a copyright holder requests us to remove.

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Governor Dean playing the blues at 'Blues on Grand' in Des Moines, Iowa, 8/14. Photo by Carol Rieger.
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